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ARTIST NAME   Klezwoods

GENRE   Klezmer, Balkan




Klezwoods is a Boston-based amalgam of strings, horns, and percussion that melds the spirit of traditional klezmer and balkan music with modern grooves, improvisation and east coast attitude.


Klezwoods is a wild amalgam of strings, horns, and percussion that melds the spirit of Jewish, Eastern European, Arabic, and North African music traditions with modern grooves, improvisation, and melodic interplay. The ensemble serves as a truly modern American melting pot of musical cultures, as each world renowned performer brings a unique voice and musical background to the mix. The formidable range of the band members and tightly arranged melodies only add to the audience’s experience of Klezwoods’ music: wildly exuberant Balkan wedding parties, somber clarinet melodies, stately Ottoman-inspired themes, upbeat klezmer dances, and barn burning, funky North African beats. All are presented in a dynamic manner that is unique to Klezwoods, while embracing and paying deep respect to all of these cultural and musical influences. Simply put, “it’s a party you won’t want to miss out on.” (



“The 30th Meridian” (2012)

Following their debut album, Oy Yeah!, Klezwoods’ sophomore release on September 5, 2012 will highlight a more refined and intricate ensemble featuring original compositions by several band members and new takes on traditional Klezmer, Balkan and Arabic sounds of the past.

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“Oy Yeah!” (2010)

A musical tour of the old Ottoman Empire–the Mediterranean and the Balkans–through the lens of a nine-piece klezmer/jazz band! Has natural audiences in the klezmer audience, the jazz-meets-ethnic audience, and among rockers whose taste is expanding. From a mixed bag of influences comes a beautifully executed, relaxed, entertaining, and joyful album.

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